Help Caleb Get a Job at 538!

I think Caleb has literally recreated the field of FRC statistics. All of his posts are well-written and interesting, even for a non-stats guy like me!

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Caleb Sykes Database would be the greatest thing since sliced bread if sliced bread had created a similar revolution in the FIRST community and reinspired Strategy, Scouting, and Tournament/Match Predictions.

This man has taken every speck of data available to him (and more) and turned it into a beautiful, accessible, and understandable format that FRC teams across the world can use to strategize whole tournaments and match schedules.

This year my team used Caleb’s database to predict results and game piece output in each of our qual matches and adjust our strategies accordingly. Matches were won because of it. Nothing like figuring out how you’re predicted to lose to help you not do that thing. (It made sense in my head)
Either way, when placed next to our own scouting data, Caleb’s database is consistently accurate, reliable, and highly useful. I’m sure hiring him would be the best thing for your company since the invention of Excel.

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