HELP! Can someone please post the roboRIO JRE?

Hi everyone! In my quest to solve my roboRIO RioLog issues, I re-installed the 2015 FRC Update Suite and re-imaged my roboRIO. However, when I run the java installer program to deploy the JRE from to the roboRIO I am unable to do so. For some reason or another, the java installer freezes at the download page, and when it does get to downloading, I follow the instructions as displayed (Downloading the 2nd link in the 1st download section for the JRE on the Oracle webpage) and while the JRE will download when it gets to 99% it always says the JRE is corrupted. From the logs in my documents, it seems that the hash of the downloaded JRE is different from the official one. I have no idea why the java installer isn’t working anymore but would anyone happen to have an offline version of the original one for the roboRIO I could download? Thanks!

I just tested this and the same thing happened to me. Its seems that the JRE was updated today so the checksum has changed. Hopefully the installer will be updated soon. I’ll let you know if I can find the old version.

Ok sounds good! I had a mini-heart attack because I thought I had screwed up or something :slight_smile: Hopefully FIRST comes up with a solution so I can continue coding for our team’s robot!

I just filed a bug:

Here’s a procedure that should get you the old version:

In a browser, go to and download ejdk-8u33-fcs-linux-arm-sflt.tar.gz. This makes sure all the right cookies and logins are set up.
Then go to the following link to download the old version:
Once you’ve downloaded the u6 version, you can run the java-installer and use the already downloaded option.