Help! Can we use small pneumatic cylinders from 2003?

we need to figure out if we can use the small pneumatic cylinders from 2003s robot. there is no time to order from first and we are going to have to strip a previous years robot. if any one knows anything, please help!


If you can post the bore, stroke and manufacturer then we can tell you if its legal of not. A part number will help also.

The bore is the diameter of the piston that extends out and stroke is the length of the piston that extends.

sorry i forgot to post the stroke/bore

its a bimba piston cylinder with a 1 1/2 bore and stroke. part number 171 5-d

It would appear if those are the true specs to be legal to use, i would for reference and a final answer though ask it on the Q&A message board. Just remember to include the specs and any information you can.

i will check into it some moreā€¦thank you