HELP! Can't Program Robot Controller - LED stays on.

when we download the program for the camera from easyc the frc robot controller never comes out of programming state. the programming led constantly blinks orange. we looked for a code error and to see if we hooked it up wrong but we can’t find the problem.


First, i would change the title to something like “Can’t Program Robot Controller - LED stuck” that will generate a much higher read rate.

Have you downloaded the latest IFI_Loader?
are you using the latest C18 compiler?
latest MpLab?


This happened to me a few times. The only way I managed to fix it was just to redownload the code again, even if you haven’t changed anything.,Tips,&_Good_Practices_Rev_B.pdf

Check out the bottom of page 29 there. It won’t hurt the controller in any way, so it might be a good thing to try.