HELP! Can't re-image Classmate Laptop


Long story short, my team’s Classmate is unusable. We used my personal laptop during the build season but at Regionals it would not connect to the field, so I had to borrow the regionals’ Classmate.
So for St. Louis, we borrowed another Classmate from a disbanded team. I’m currently trying to reimage it to this year’s image since the team disbanded a couple years ago.

I’m following the How-To, but after clicking Prepare Drive (step 4, at the top of page 7 in the link above), it runs the command prompt, Extracts everything, the command prompt minimizes, but I never get the confirmation window saying that everything copied over successfully. It took about 15 minutes for the Command Prompt to close itself, but it’s been another half hour or so and it still looks like the attached picture

Note that the red text at the bottom still says its in progress, but in the how-to, it doesn’t show in-progress red text like that after the process is finished. The inserted USB key is also no longer flashing. I’m thoroughly confused

I am not sure sure if this would be the problem but in your screen shot it looks like you are using a different version that what they use in the Guide. They also say at the top of the document that the current stable version 2.1.648. I just want to point that out.

After about an hour, I just took it out and tried it and it seemed to work fine. However now I’ve hit another major issue… It says “This copy of Windows is not genuine” and I have no idea how to fix this without having to buy a copy of windows 7. Any thoughts?

and it says Build 7601. Hopefully that is the correct one?

I think that this page might help:

If you scroll down near the bottom of the page it may help.
Look for this title: Initial Driver Station Boot

I want to say that I am totally guessing and that I might not be the best source for this

Have you activated Windows?