Help! Can't send files to NXT Brick via bluetooth

We are using LabVIEW in the FTC competition so we are trying to get it to connect to the NXT brick via bluetooth.

The computer is able to find the controller,
the computer is able to connect to the controller,
the controller is able to find the computer,
but the controller can’t connect to the computer…
(that may be beside the point, though)

The problem arises when I try to send a vi file to the controller. The connection window shows up and after scanning, the controller appears as available via bluetooth. However, when I hit connect, it asks for a passkey, which I insert and know is the right one because we’ve used it before, then after a few seconds it comes up with this message:

NXT Bluetooth passkey confirmation failed.


  • Retry the current operation.

  • Enter the Passkey on the NXT device.

  • Ensure the Passkey entered on the NXT device is correct.

Seems straight forward enough no? However, after hitting connect, the device doesn’t prompt me to enter the passkey. The only time the passkey was asked for was when connecting the controller to the computer.

So, if anyone has run into a similar problem, or has any seggestions, I would really appreciate some feed back. Feel free to ask any questions if some of my information was unclear. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: