Help Change the World - The GOOD ROBOT CHALLENGE

** JOIN US FOR the 1st Annual “Good Robot” Challenge!**

Each year, all of us in the MAR District, across the country and around the world, commit to an incredible undertaking. We work even harder than we thought we could, we explore, create, innovate, develop partnerships and find real solutions to hard problems.

**We here at FRC Team 1391 think we can, together, do even more. **

Dean Kamen, Founder of FIRST, once said:
“I think an education is not only important, it is the most important thing you can do with your life.”

Almost all of us live with some degree of privilege, among which is the very real fact that we understand the power of learning, have access to great educational opportunities (like FIRST Robotics), and through good education we have the power to create our futures.

We here at FRC Team 1391 think we can – as a committed group of FRC teams – help create good futures for others as well.

Dean has also said:
“I don’t work on a project unless I believe that it will dramatically improve life for a bunch of people.”

We here at FRC Team 1391 think it’s time for us to join together to “improve life for a bunch of people.” But how?

Introducing the Annual “Good Robot” Challenge!

Westtown School is hosting its inaugural MAR District event this year, and we seek to leverage the power of numbers to collaboratively create social good.
This year’s Challenge is revealed below, and each year we will connect our district event, and the power of FRC teams around the world, to support a selected organization that is creating social change and supporting children through education, opportunity, and strong futures.

We hope you will join us. We can crowdsource real change, find real solutions to hard problems, shine a bright light on the good work being done around the world, and “improve life for a bunch of people.”

**All through the power of “Good Robot.”

2016 Good Robot Challenge

This year, the Good Robot Challenge will support Yspaniola, an education organization in the Dominican Republic. Yspaniola provides high quality education programs in a batey community of Dominicans and Haitians, most of whom have limited access to basic resources and educational opportunity.

Yspaniola runs a Learning Center for over 120 elementary school children, teaching literacy and critical thinking skills. They run summer camps that give children out-of-school enrichment opportunities while employing local high school students as teacher trainees, providing professional development and income. Yspaniola also conducts a Local Teacher Training program, and they help fund college opportunities through their University Scholarship Program for qualified young people from the batey. Learn more here:

**GOOD ROBOT CHALLENGE: Yspaniola Community Futures Fundraiser

This Challenge is targeted to ALL FRC teams across the world!**

This Challenge seeks to crowdsource fundraising for Yspaniola and their good work. Though there’s a posted goal (see below how to sign your team up) of $38,000, the Metal Moose knows we can smash that goal and help Yspaniola for years to come!

To create a team on the site, follow the directions below, have everyone post it to their social media sites, and let’s see what we can accomplish!

In early May, we will compile the results and announce** a worldwide Community Futures GOOD ROBOT Champion.** This team will receive a trophy, and ALL teams that participate will have their names listed on the GOOD ROBOT Wall of Fame.

Steps to creating a fundraiser for the Westtown Robotics Challenge on Crowdrise (it only takes 10 minutes!)

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Click on the grey “Set up your fundraiser” button on the right and click on “Start a new fundraiser”
  3. As prompted, give your fundraiser a title and a goal, and write a bit about who you are and why you are fundraising for education in the Dominican Republic through Westtown Robotics
  4. Choose a photograph
  5. Sign up for Crowdrise as prompted (takes one minute)
  6. Add this link for a video:
  7. Encourage your team members to join as team members and send the link out to family and friends for support! Use the power of social media to do great work!


We have our second FRC Team registered! Let’s get this rolling!

Greetings again!

There are 36K+ users on Chiefdelphi. If each of us gave only a dollar to this cause, children in the Dominican Republic would have access to better resources and education!

Individual donors can go to the link below to donate:

The link following will take you to a video from Yspaniola, the group with whom we are working.

Thanks for playing a role in making this happen!

Thank you Steve Compton and the Metal Moose! We’re very appreciative of your support and encouragement. To learn more about Yspaniola’s work and education in the Dominican Republic, please visit our website at

And to join the challenge, visit:

Thank you!

  • The Yspaniola Team


Teams - sign up here:

Who will be the GOOD ROBOT CHAMPION?

THANK YOU TEAM 1640 - sab-BOT-age - for joining the work. Who’s next?

The GOOD ROBOT Challenge is up and running! At the MAR Westtown Event , we have exceeded our first goal and collected backpacks for more than 125 children working with Yspaniola in the Dominican Republic!

Leading the backpack challenge is 272, the Cybercrusaders - we’ll post later today who wins PHASE 1 of the Challenge.

The GOOD ROBOT challenges your team to join the fundraising effort of PHASE 2 f the Challenge. See link in first post about how YOU can help kids get a good education around the world!