Help: Changing Maps in Ink and Paint

Our team has just started animation this year and have only about a months experience with 3ds Max. In our animation we have an Ink and Paint bitmap that we need to fade to another Ink and Paint bitmap.

We would have an exact copy of our object (in the excat same place and rotation) with the material it fades to. The original object’s material would fade to a 0 opacity so it appeared to fade to a new material. But with an Ink and Paint bitmap we cannot control the opacity of the map (as far as we know).

Any help would be great!

Did you try to mix two bitmaps and just change the mixing amount?

Instead of putting the bitmap file, put a “mix” map. Then fill the two former fields with your pictures and leave the third one with “none”. Now, you can control the mix amount and the maps will blend.
I think this is the effect you want to make =)

But if i thought wrong, let me know =P

Good luck with it ^^

Thanks alot! Thrash and I are the only members (not to mention newbies) working together on the animation and I just wanted to let you know it works perfectly :smiley:

Good luck on your animation!