Help choosing encoders!

Greetings everyone
We currently need assistance with choosing encoders for our red line motors on our robot. We are up for suggestions so please let us know what is best.
-Love Team 6884

well, what is this encoder for? What data do you want from it? What sort of mechanism is it on?

Mount the encoders as close to the thing you want to measure as possible - often this is some place other than the motor.

Does the mechanism in question have hex shaft? If so I am a strong proponent of this answer.

Does the mechanism alternatively have a versaplanetary gearbox? If so, I am a strong proponent of this other answer.

More generally, picking an encoder requires details about the range of motion and speeds you are looking to measure, what sorts of error is tolerable, and what mounting locations are available. Though it’s definitely possible to create an ‘exotic’ permutation that requires a similarly exotic sensing solution, that REV encoder covers the vast majority of cases.

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I think the bigger question is “Talon SRX, SPARK MAX, or hooked to the roboRIO?”

For SPARK MAX, yeah the through-bore encoder is the play.
For Talon SRX, even if you aren’t using it on a VP you can get this housing to get the same 1/2" hex interface with SRX-native wiring.
For the roboRIO, I’d be back with the REV encoder since they include the cables to connect straight to the roboRIO.


Sweet. Yup, electrical connectivity and connections is a good point I glossed over.

Personally, I’m more comfortable designing and soldering a wiring harness than designing a robust mechanical mount, so I tend to prioritize COTS mechanical and custom electrical, but that’s just me.