Help: Control Jag in Labview with CAN

Hi this year we are trying to use CAN to control one of the Jag in labview. Flashed the Crio and and enabled CAN bridge. Tried running the CAN position control Encoder example. Nothing is happening.

I can connect to Jag using BDC-COMM-107 and run it fine. in the labview example i changed the Device ID to 6 which I got from BDC and changed the limits.

Is there anything I am missing?

Just to verify, did you run the Jaguar in Position mode with BDC-Comm?

Is the console out switch off on the cRIO?

yes ran the jag in position mode with BDC.

did not change the console switch on cRIO, not sure what it is currently, will check this evening, is that required for it work?

Yes, with the console out switch on, console messages will be sent to the cRIO serial port, which will conflict with the CAN messages.

I put the latest firmware (107) on the jag and reflashed the cRIO and everything is working fine.