(Help)- Ecuador FRC Rookie 5814. Robot Radio

Hello FRC community, we are the new FRC team from Ecuador, 5814.

We are in desperate need of assistance with the Robot radio configuration.

Once we download the software and click on the .exe file we get this page. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/55de70a7e4b0c4df6ee7dd5f/t/56bcecc97c65e48ab56fafa1/1455221962774/Screen+Shot+2016-02-11+at+3.19.08+PM.png?format=1500w

Is anyone can please help us get through this issue we will be grateful. We cant even input the number of our team since the program shuts down. We have followed every step in the :Programming your radio for home use from WPI.

Email to contact:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Thank you very much in advance.

You are probably using a non-US-localized version of Windows. The radio programming utility doesn’t speak Spanish. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, it’s looking for the messages coming from the network commands, and it can’t recognize the ones with the information it wants because they don’t look like what it expects.

If you have a computer with an English-language installation of Windows, use it.

Sounds like an issue with the localization of the program. Alan was probably right when he said that the windows language may effect it. There are also many other things that can. What I would recommend is making a virtual machine with something like VirtualBox (Its free) and setting it up with a windows 7 home premium English, US version and running the executable inside of that, it may just work. If it is not an issue with localization I would recommend downloading the program, you may have an issue with your file, and if that doesn’t work coming back here or sending me a PM, I may be able to further help.
Aztechs 157

I don’t know how, but we could manage to fix the problem.
Maybe the last update of Java helped.

Anyway, thank you guys!