help Ed Sparks please


first off thaks for all of your hard work creating parts for us to download…i’ve used them extensively ever since you offered them to the FIRST community.

a couple of questions?

is it possible to make a hubless gear or sprocket with your i-mates?

if not, how hard is it to modify them so this is possible? we use hubless gears and pullers these days and having that feature would really help me…also we don’t use keyways, we always use hexagons…anyway to modify these parts for that?

thanks again for the help!

you could create the hexagon profile on the inside of the bore, then extrude whatever open space is outside of it, or cut out the profile.

As to removing the hub, if you look in the window on the bottom left, where it shows all the mates, extrusions, holes, etc, you can roll over each one. When you find the hub, simply click on it, then delete it (delete key, not backspace).

Hope I was at least semi understandable.


If you use the lastest and greatest i-sprocket (there was a bug fix a few days ago) and insert it into an assembly, you can suppress or compute these features. The dialog that pops up will default the features to be compute. Just click on “Keyway” and “Hub”, select suppress and you will get a plate sprocket. Change the bore to something small like 1/8" and modify the part by extruding a hex through the sprocket as Cory has already pointed out. You should be good to go.


Modify i-sprocket to generate hex broaches instead of bores.