i asked recently if someone could help me to figure out how to create a labview program for a motor to run off of the joystick trigger. but when people replied they seemed to believe that i had a slight idea that i knew what i was doing. however the reality is i have NO CLUE!!! i have basic tank style driving programed on to the robot and that’s it! i don’t know where to begin to start programming a button controled motor. will some one please help me! i appretiate all the help that people have given me already, but i really need something closer to step by step instructions. thankyou so much!!!

i would look at this it gives a good demonstration on how to get a button to work in labview.

I’ve read through your threads, and the way you’re asking questions is not going to generally get you the kind of result you want. Please read this: How To Ask Questions the Smart Way

That said, and noting that I am not a Labview expert, I think I can walk you through this if you want me to. However, you have not given me enough information to start. Here’s what I need to know:

  • Are you a new programmer in general, or is it just Labview that is new for you?

  • What kind of motor?

  • Are you planning on using a Victor or Jaguar motor controller, or are you using a Spike Relay? (Or do you not know, and want to be told)

  • What do you want the motor to do when you pull the trigger?

  • What do you want the motor to do when you let go of the trigger?

  • Do you want the same behavior every time, or are you trying to do something complicated?

  • What have you already tried?

  • Have you looked at any of the tutorials (listed here), and if so, which ones?

You’re from Austin? Austin, Texas? Don’t they teach LabVIEW in elementary schools in Austin, Texas?

I would encourage you to start at the following website. You’ll first need to go through the 5 step program to get everything installed, configured and running. THEN you need to check out the LabVIEW resources linked on that same site (under Software Documentation).

Good Luck!


There are also some LabVIEW video tutorials at and


I believe this team is from Austin, Minnesota. :slight_smile:


We’ll see if we can do anything to help from down thisaway.

Just take a roadtrip up I-35, Jane.

You can also call into NI’s Application Engineers to talk to an engineer for help - 1-866-511-6285 from 1-7pm!