[help] Falcon 500 repair - cut wires, missing bearings, and more

My team has 10 falcons (8 for swerve, 2 for other robot parts). While
cleaning up for the offseason, I found a falcon 500 that appears to be
quite damaged.

I found it in the bottom of a motor storage bin with its face plate and
body taken off. It would appear that somebody tried to cut off the face
plate instead of unscrewing it.

Thankfully, my team has many falcon 500 hardware kits. I found the face
plate and body, and reassembled the motor.

Now, I have an electrical issue to deal with. The CAN wires have been
cut off about 1/2" from the base of the motor.

I believe I have two options:

  • Disassemble the motor, desolder the can wires and attach new ones
  • Attempt to splice/lengthen the wires.

It also looks like the motor is missing a bearing on the output shaft.
My current plan is to test that the motor still spins before ordering
any parts.

How should I repair this? Also, are there any other potential issues
that I should test for? (damaged motor wiring, etc)


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Do you know the backstory of this motor? If it got put in the box in that state there is most likely a bigger issue. We had 2 falcons this year where can would short to the housing causing it to short to the chassis messing up all of can. This could be your issue and why it was put in there

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This looks like the motor may have an underlying issue, instead of just suffering damage. The can wire cut especially looks deliberate and may have been done to prevent the motor from being used again. Especially seeing the prior damage, I personally would not try to use this motor again.


Im going to agree with others on this thread, there may be some other issue with the motor, although it is interesting that only the CAN was cut, and not the power as well. If you did want to fix the CAN, I think you may just have to open the housing up and resolder, it doesn’t look like theres too much slack left inside. This thread has some pictures: Falcon 500 replace motor controller
The amount of work needed to splice and lengthen the remaining wire doesn’t seem worth it. Repairing the motor in general also just may not be worth it.

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We used a found Falcon once, I can’t exactly recommend…

Given the rules around modifying COTS components, this starts to get a bit questionable, not to mention the safety concerns. I personally would recommend to dispose of it unless someone knows what it was used for previously and what happened to it. I’d guess the face plate was due to stripped bolts, but it’s also fairly common practice when trying to disable a device but keep it around for parts to cut the wires off (At work we do this with tool battery chargers before they’re disposed of)

Contact CTRE Support. They can let you know if the motor can be serviced by them.


While at Champs I asked CTRE about this for a similar situation with one of our motors where we accidentally shred wires and had to cut very close to the case. They said to contact them to see if it can be serviced as @CraigB said.

Thanks everybody for the fast responses. I will reach out to CTRE support and ask them.

actually for can wires all of the cables cut off 1/2" if it is not actually you can do a can line with only one green and yellow cable like in this picture:

if its not looking good photo it is technically make a cable like “T” put extra wire when extending and solder it you can do that way if it is not avaible like all of the cables are too short you cant do anything you need to contanct with CTRE

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