Help: Falcon to Versa planetary coupler needed

Our team is in need of the falcon to versa planetary coupler. However it seems they are out of stock for the season according to VEX website and not available on others I’ve checked.
Any one have an extra one they are not using this season that you’d be willing to sell?

If you’re not successful in finding one, you may be able to get 8 mm (cim) shafts from for the Falcon. If you cut them down(shorten) you can likely use the available cim couplers from Vex to pair with the versaplanetary. Good luck!


Consider the Falson Sport from AndyMark.


We have a small amount in stock right now.

Just wanted to bump this thread instead of creating a new one, does anyone have 2 they’d be willing to sell us? We’ve bought the thriftybot replacements however we’d like to use the one Vex recommended for the Falcon.

We ended up doing the CIM shaft conversion mentioned above.

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