Help finding blue tread

Does anybody know where on McMaster we can get the blue tread for wheels? The good stuff that smells good

I think this is what your looking for:

Its marked as “Abrasion-Resistant Nitrile—Blue”

I can not input on smell as we have only used the black stuff but it is what other teams are using.

Thanks! Can anyone else verify this as well…even the smell…I know it sounds funny, but it smells good.

What he linked is what we purchase.

Yep, this is it… and yes, it does smell good :]

I’ve got the Blue nitrile stuff and the black sbr stuff here in front of me. According to the kids that like it, the blue stuff smells better. It is also stiffer.

The link is to the tread we use. We prefer it to the wedge top or rough top treads.

Yep, can confirm. Our favorite tread material too! The smell sticks around for a while after cutting it on the bandsaw. :smiley:

Can confirm the wonderful smell. No, you’re not crazy.

Im slightly annoyed now. We used several yards of the black tread on our tracked robot and now I wish we went with the blue nitrile so we could have a nice smelling build room for once.

Do you have any pictures of this tracked bot? Any information?
I recently used the same stuff for a rover competition. Sticks well in sand.


PS. shoot me a pm back. Keep this from going Off topic too much more.