Help Finding Encoders


Our team is interested in using rotary shaft encoders – both on our 1/2 in drive train shafts, and on a smaller, faster rotating shaft for our ball shooter. We know very little about using encoders, besides the KOP encoders used in the AndyMark Gearbox. Where could we find encoders to complete these tasks, and how would they mount to the shafts/robot?

Thanks in advance!

There are quite a few encoder companies out there. US Digital and CUI come to mind off the top of my head.

I know my team will be using the CUI AMT102/103 on this year’s bot. I don’t think they come in a 1/2" shaft size, but I’m sure alternatives are out there.

US digital’s site has a pretty good tool that lets you find the encoder you want then configure it how you want it, ie: mounting/shaft size/case type etc.

We just got some EP7s for a 8mm CIM shaft.