Help finding hot sauce at worlds!

Happy travel Tuesday everyone! Where can I find awesome, homemade in Texas, hot sauce? I’m looking to bring some back to Brooklyn after Worlds. Thanks for the advise, see you at Curie!


Torchys tacos sells their Diablo sauce. (Actually very similar to halesite habanero sauce sold on the island.)


Gotta try out Rudy’s BBQ sauce

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It is likely that the iBurn store can tell you if any of the hot sauces theysellare made in Texas. It is about 12 miles from the GRB.

You can also try Central Market about 6-7 miles from the GRB. Itis one of the flagship stores in the HEB grocery chain. It is like a Whole Foods with a much wider selection. Check out the chocolate section where you can see chocolate being made from cacao beans and get chili flavored chocolate bars. They also have Hatch chili flavored tortilla chips.

Central Market
(713) 386-1700

Where can I get hot sauces that are 3 fl oz or less?


Phoenicia Foods is walking distance from GRB right across Discovery Green and will probably have something suitable. It’s a “foodies” grocery store/market with lots of local and gourmet products.


Love this local hot sauce, hot line pepper sauce. Can’t get them in grocery stores but have to buy them at restaurants or specialty stores. Find Hotline Pepper Products – Hot Line Pepper Products


What is your definition of Hot?

all the good hot sauce you’ll ever need

Now if you want good salsa, then we can have a discussion.
Pain Train Salsas made in Tomball, TX are a good start and should be available at HEB grocery stores near wherever you are staying.

Welcome to Texas, make sure you get your fill of TexMex food while you are here, nothing like it anywhere else. Lupe Tortilla is the one I would recommend, not as good as it used to be but still way better than anything I’ve had up north. Los Cucos is good, Pappasito’s is good, Spanish Flower is good, can’t really go wrong.

USPS can be a surprisingly affordable option if you want to expand your horizons

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If you venture into the wilds of social media, the For the Love of Hot Sauce group on Facebook is tens of thousands of idiot chileheads like me, many of whom are Texans who can likely point you to lots and lots of options.

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There is a hidden gem by the convention center that is only a 12min drive away. They have free hot sauce to go with their authentic tacos. They have 4 different heat levels but in my opinion it’s not very spicy. They are originally from California so it may not be the authentic Texas hot sauce you are looking for.

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Fuzzy’s Tacos Butt Burning Sauce

Happy Travel Tuesday to you too! Texas is known for its spicy cuisine and there are plenty of places where you can find homemade hot sauce. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Central Market
  2. Fiesta Mart
  3. The Pepper Palace 
  4. El Mercado 
  5. The Original San Antonio Hot Sauce

I usually go to “The Pepper Place” when I crave for my favorite Alfredo sauce recipe my granny used to cook when I was smaller.
I hope these suggestions help you find the perfect homemade hot sauce to bring back to Brooklyn! Enjoy your trip and good luck at Worlds.

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