Help finding the name of a mechanism

Basically, a small plastic switch that operates like tire spikes (minus the tire-destroying aspect of course). One side is curved and the other side is a straight edge. The switch is pushed down when force is applied to the curved side, but not when applied to the vertical side, thus forcing one-way movement. Here’s a sketch roughly demonstrating what I mean:

Sorry if my description isn’t clear, and any help is appreciated.

The only thing I can assist is a “spring plunger”. It’s not identical to what you have, but might lead down the right path.

Not 100% sure but I want to say it’s called a Spring Lock. At least, that is what it’s called in retractable umbrellas (slightly different functionality, however).

The action you’re describing can be found in a toggle bolt. Spring-loaded wings that collapse in one direction, but provide resistance in the other. For an example, our 2013 shooter features one. :wink:

Many door latches work this way. You may want to look through your local hardware store. Bring your sketch as employees there may have other ideas as well.

Door latch? cabinet latch? I suppose there could be an electrical switch version of this too.

In a rotary form it is a pawl, part of a ratchet.

Carr Lane Spring Stop Button?

Lowes: Springlatch …