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I got a friend interested in watching what FIRST is and I was going to show him the competitions we played in but I am having trouble finding the right FirstInspires twitch account to show him. I was hoping someone might know which one was for the Georgia competitions to make this much easier on myself.


Two things here:

Georgia FIRST is a district and most districts do not broadcast on the FIRSTinspires channels (though they may in the future). Currently they broadcast at & gafirst2.

Twitch archives only last 60 days for partners (14 days for non-partners) and only exist past that if they are re-uploaded to the Twitch servers. Your best bet is to look at for matches however Georgia FIRST does have their matches up at Georgia FRC - YouTube

Edit: You can get a good overview of what channels events broadcast at for the current year at


Beat me by about 5 seconds!

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