help finding VEX motors

I’m back home on leave from college, and I am helping out my old FRC team because their head mentor had a heart attack half way through week 3. Our team is really behind schedule and having a hard time staying organized without him, and we forgot to order a couple of items that are now back ordered until May. I was wondering if we could buy any of these items from your team if you have them:

VEX Versa Planetary Gearbox single motor input (need 2)
VEX 4:1 gear kit (need 2)

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can have these items shipped to my team in Pasadena, CA. Thank you so much.

Audrey Chu
FRC 1160

The robot space still has the 4:1 ratio in stock.

Best of luck with the rest of the season.

I’m sorry the team needs it with the 1/2 in hex shaft that only comes with it.

Thank you so much for looking for me.

You can buy a 1/2" hex output shaft by itself from VEX, and it’s still in stock:

I think you can just get another versaplanetary and swap out the output shafts.


Please email me at [email protected]

We’ll get you guys taken care of.