Help FIRSTer Miss Hawai`i USA!

[FONT=“Impact”][size=]Hi Fellow FIRSTers!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Brianna Acosta. I was a student on Waialua Robotics Team 359 from 2007-2009, a Chairman’s Award mentor and presenter since my HS graduation (we won the 2011 CMP CA), and for the past two seasons I have hosted the Hawai`i FRC Regional.

I am also now the reigning Miss Hawai`i USA and on May 29th I will leave for Las Vegas to compete for the title of Miss USA which will be telecast LIVE on NBC on June 16th.

I NEED YOUR HELP! You can help me by going to from MAY 15th onward and voting for me! You can vote 10 TIMES PER DAY PER EMAIL!

The contestant with the most votes will automatically advance to the semi-finals!

You can also show your support for me by liking my Facebook page:

and the Miss Hawai`i USA Facebook page:

THANK YOU!![/size][/FONT]


I will send this message out to our entire Team 341 family and to our school.
Good luck in Las Vegas!

Al Ostrow
Team 341

I, too, need votes, so I know the feeling! I will begin voting for you on the 15th. You are beautiful! What amazing publicity for FIRST robotics!

Here is my link, if you would like to return the favor. :cool:

Article released about robotics involvement!

Very cool. I get the feeling this is one girl that knows how to MAKE IT LOUD!

Aside from getting a slight redesign of the crown to include certain familiar geometric figures, I extend my hope that another small, ocean-bordered state will have as much luck as R.I. did last year. I think Olivia subsequently went on to become Miss Universe, leaving the USA title to the runner-up.


I just voted 10 times…and will get my students from team 195 to vote for you too :slight_smile: Good luck! We will be watching!

Voted! (I think more than ten times already?) I also shared on FB and Twitter. Definitely rooting for you!

Agreed ! I also voted, I will help make it loud for Miss Hawai’i !

I didn’t see twitter links in this thread. So here they are,

Tweet and re-share the FIRST Facebook article !

4 days left to vote.

I voted.

Hopefully we can get you to the semi-finals !

Liked !