Help for FLL team: Radiation modeling?

Hi all, an FLL team I mentor is still working on their Into Orbit challenge for one last competition next month. They are looking for someone who might know about radiation shielding on spacecraft for a little help with a numerical simulation that they found. They’ve reached out to several scientists with no response (and the ones they got one was basically “hey kids, get lost”) so are a little frustrated with the process. I thought I’d try a last-ditch effort here to see if anyone might know a friendly radiation guru. Thanks for any leads!

What kind of info are they looking for? I might be able to connect them depending on what they’re trying to do.

Specifically, they are wanting to run a numerical model that shows how much radiation is blocked by different types of material. For instance, this model:

but there might be something else that is better. Thank you.

This is my field.

Generally the type of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutron), strength of radiation, and energy of the particles (usually measured in eV) will determine the shielding material used and the thickness of the material required.

I have access to software that will simulate these things, but I suspect it’s probably easier, just as accurate, and a better learning experience to calculate effectiveness of shielding from basic equations.

If you give me more detail about what they’re looking to do and what questions they want to answer, I’d be happy to help.


Thank you so much! I’ll send you a PM.

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