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Aloha! We are Team 2465 from Kaua’i, Hawaii attending the LA North Regional Competition and are in need of a space to unpack and assemble our bot the day before competition (2/26). Are there any teams in the area that can help us out and provide a space?

From my quick search on TBA, 3863 looks to be the closest team, at 4 miles away. Contacting them directly would be a good idea.

The local support organization, GCRA, including and especially 3863, is already aware and has asked internally, AND put it out to other local teams in case they aren’t available.


Aloha 2465
3925 will be more than happy to assist your team with whatever you need. We are located in Ventura which is 30 minutes from the NLA location.
We have a large room with all field elements set up. Full metal shop adjacent. We are not competing at NLA by the way.
Let us know if we can help you out.


Seems like a lot of people already reaching out, Just want to open up our support as well. We are located just down the road in Ventura out of a local business. We also have a flatbed that we will be using to transport our gear to Thousand Oaks and would be happy to pick up your stuff if unpack at any other local options.

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Hi, 3863 would be happy to help your team unpack and prepare for LAN! We’re about 4 miles out from the venue, and while we don’t have much indoor space, we do have a large outdoor space, a CNC router, and a whole assortment of tools.

We look forward to seeing you at Los Angeles North!

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Team 4 is also willing to help. We’re a little further than the other teams who have already graciously volunteered, but we do have a full shop and space.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if we can be of service. Even if you just need to borrow some tools or batteries.

Excited to see you guys!

We don’t have much to offer for a space to build but do you have enough batteries? We have some we could share.

Thank you so much! We actually figured things out with Team 3863, but appreciate your offer.

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