Help for Team 6273

I am a mentor for FRC Team 2992, and it has come to my attention that one of our students has family on an FTC team that is in need of some assistance at the Championship.

FTC Team 6273 Technocats qualified for Worlds this year at the Mississippi State Championship, but unfortunately, their lead mentor passed away a few weeks ago. After a lot of careful consideration, they decided to still go to Houston, as they felt it is what their mentor would have wanted. The team has parental support at this event, but they are without much mechanical assistance.

I am hoping that those of you within the FTC community can lend any help to this team if they need it. Even if it means just stopping by their pit and making them feel welcome at the Championship, it would be greatly appreciated.


FRC team 5414 will send help! What pit will you be at?


If I have the time, I am going to try to make my way over just to see if you guys need anything I can help with. I dont have a lot of skills, but I got some! I cannot image how hard this is for your team and my heart goes out to you and the families affected. I also tried to get this information out to fellow Wisconsinites going and hopefully they have the time too!

I will absolutely stop by! I’ve been a mechanical mentor for 9 seasons now, mainly in FRC but this year I lead a rookie FTC team. I’m going to Houston to hang out with/cheer on my old FRC team, but I will easily be able to take some time to introduce myself, and would be delighted to help out if needed. I’ll be around Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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