hi , if anyone can help me to find how to instal the wheel bracket that actually came from the kit!

I believe this is what you are looking for.

Edit Here is the link I meant to paste:

thank you so much for ur help! it is what i am looking for

by the way, the KOP Bracket only fits the KOP wheels

You can probably get the KOP bracket to fit a wide variety of wheels, but you might need to make or buy some extra parts to do so.

too narrow for mechanum and probably omni too

Omni wheels come as thin as half an inch wide. AM 8 inch plastic omni wheels fit just fine.

You’ll need some different sized spacers to fit anything else other than KoP wheels.

Team 3132 is using hardened copper tubing for spacers

We put dual 6" omni wheels in our test chassis without any modification of the brackets.

With a slight modification, the brackets work fine with the AndyMark 8" mecanum wheels. You just need to cut a little wedge out and bend them apart a bit. We’re using them right now that way on our practice bot.

For our real bot, we built our own custom brackets. cooler, stronger, and lighter!

us too, I’m the one designing them, (BTW, you NEED a flange on the entire length of the bracket, and don’t try steel- too heavy)

Ours are already built, and as of last night attached to the chassis. Now if only we were done building our custom mecanum wheels… our AndyMark wheels are only for the practice bot :slight_smile:

why custom mechanum? regular work fine, and you already have them. we barely have a concept frame, with plywood wheel brackets (although, we are moving along on the sub-systems- i had a design, but the mentors didn’t want a 6" wide bracket with welds, and the 4.5 inch design is too weak)

The 8" Mecanum Wheels should be able to be used with the brackets just by cutting away the aluminum as seen in the picture on the AndyMark website here.

Cost, for the most part. Part of our intent is to have a practice bot to drive. We got the AndyMark ones first and threw them on the practice bot… but we really didn’t want to buy two full sets when we have the resources and capability to make our own and save some money. The drive team has been driving the practice bot for over a week now, and can continue to drive it through ship and the three weeks following before our first competition. Granted, the practice bot only has the drive train… but that’s enough for practice.

On a side note, thus far this year we’ve been moving incredibly fast, compared to the last 3. For the “real” robot, the chassis is finished, the wheel mounts are pretty much finished, the kicker is functional, the lifter is in place (although we’re still working on the motor mounts), and the electrical system is probably halfway finished. At this same point last year, we were just finishing our prototypes!

I’ve seen that picture numerous times, but I can’t figure out the best way to deliver power to the wheels. Mounting them inside that bracket doesn’t give you enough space to attach a sprocket nor does it provide much flexibility in directing attaching a shaft from a gear box/motor directory to it (Unless I’m just not being creative enough).

I would be VERY careful about adapting the KOP wheel brackets in the manner shown in that picture. If you cut away that much material from the bracket, you are severely compromising the ability of the bracket to resist lateral forces in line with the wheel axle. A lot of testing was done with the bracket/KOP wheel assembly. If the bracket is made of thinner material, or if enough material is removed from the bracket, bad things happen. If the wheel/carpet coefficient of friction is high enough, and the impact energy is high enough, the bracket will bend and fold when the robot is hit from the side by another robot. So let me be real blunt here: don’t do this. If you do, you WILL regret it.