Help FRC Allumni Teach Students About Robotics

I’m a FIRST alumnus, from team 418, and I go to school at UC Berkeley.

I’d like to ask the CD community for some help raising funds for a student robotics organization.

When I got to UC Berkeley, I joined a student group called Pioneers in Engineering (or PiE), which was founded by FIRST alumni to give students in under-performing high schools a FIRST like experience.

Pioneers in Engineering is a low-cost FIRST like robotics competition that focuses on helping under-performing schools. For just 100 dollars per team, we provide teams with a kit and mentors for the season. This means that PiE can cater to more needy high schools, like those in West Oakland and other underprivileged parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

PiE also gives college students like me the opportunity to keep learning about engineering and robotics in college. Since I came to college, I’ve learned more from PiE than I have from my classes.

We need Chief Delphi’s help to win a voting contest on Facebook. If we win, we will get $5,500 dollars of Zipcar credit, which we will use to help transport our mentors from UC Berkeley to high schools all across the Bay Area. This will greatly help the students in underprivileged schools learn about science and engineering, something that is otherwise missing from their education.

Can you please take two minutes to vote for Pioneers in Engineering at: ?

Thank you all so much

Andrew Vandenburg
Pioneers in Engineering