Help!!! FRC New York City Regional 2015


Firstly we want to thanks everyone, especially the teams #3005-Robochargers and #3355 The Purple Vipers, that helped us last year at Dallas Regional.

This year again our team #1860 - Cephatron needs the same help, but now in NYC, and we would to ask about some help with the batteries, because we are a international team (Brazil) and for us that need a international trip, the battery transportation is very difficult, maybe impossible :eek: (So, our batteries will stay here).

We are planning to buy 3 batteries when arrive in NYC.

At the end of the competition, again we will have problems to transport the batts to Brazil, so we will donate for any team that want.

Please, Could some teams, lend for us two or more batteries. ? This will help us. At the end we will devolve these batteries. :slight_smile:

Thanks :yikes:

Team 1860

FRC Team 229 can loan you 2 batteries for the event, we’re competing at NYC, so just come by our pit area.

Thank you very much Team 229, these batteries will be very useful for us. :smiley:

We will meet at event :slight_smile:

Team 1860

Hi Bruno,

The NYC Regional Planning Committee is excited to welcome Team 1860 to New York City.

This year, there will be 9 teams visiting our event from outside the US. We are ecstatic about this fact. We are also very aware of the challenge that non-US teams face transporting batteries. We are working with FIRST HQ to make sure that enough batteries come from HQ for each non-US team to have 2 batteries. We will also be communicating to our local teams prior to the event to bring a supply of additional batteries to share.

Thanks for reaching out on CD.

I look forward to meeting you at the event.


Hi, Sam.

For us non-US teams is really difficult this fact (battery’s transportation), but I believe that with your and the other teams’ help, everything will be ok and the NYC regional will be a success.

By the way, thanks for more two batteries…at the end of event we will devolve to organization and donate all batts that we will buy :eek: for anyone that wants.

Thank you very much

Team 1860

ETEP borrowed batteries from Team 2601 last year, and we’re eager to help again this year. We can give you at least 2 batteries. We can also provide battery chargers.

Thanks for help Team 2601. :wink:

We aren’t going to the nyc regional this year but we are located about 30 minutes away and if you need any help we will help.