Help! FTC team Phone problems


Rookie FTC Team 11303 is having extreme difficulty with the phones. Our EE mentor and youth programmer spent almost 4 hours last night and could not get the phones to communicate correctly. And last Saturday we held a get together with other area teams who are having similar difficulties.

Can anyone direct us to a webpage or other resource to help get this resolved?

The kids have a working robot design that only needs a brain so they are getting very frustrated. We will be having another get together with area teams and would like to help them as well.

Thanks in advance,

I hope you can get some help here, (sorry I can’t help).

Being part the FRC program, I’m not familiar with FTC and your current game, are the “phones” you are talking about part of the FTC game?


Which model phones are you using? ZTE Speed? Something else?

The Android phones are the robot controller (like roboRIO) and drive station for FTC.

Oh cool, thanks for the explanation.

This is what my team used last year to set up the control system.

Your biggest help could probably come from a local Veteran FTC team. If I were you, I would try to reach out to the FTC Affiliate Partners in your area. (Guessing this is the site)

Susie Mathieu
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**There isnt a large presence of FTC here unfortunately, partly due to CD hiding the small FTC fourm from the regular view in the portal.

Other sites that have a larger audience are:
Forums - FIRST Forums**

Could you provide more details of the issue?

Seconded. There are a lot of things that could be going wrong here. Are you able to pair the phones at all or are they not seeing each other? What type of phone are you using?

FIRST has a good source of general control system troubleshooting tips, but I’m not sure whether you’re having an issue covered in there.