Help Genia Get Taller and Win Another Prize

So, in the track of “Win a Prize” (probably food at a regional, since I like bringing food for people at regionals) threads, I have made another one.

I’m almost 5’2". Really. I’m about > < that close. See that space in there? Well more than that but still I’m almost there. Consider it 61.875 inches. So how do I get taller hmmm?

Best & most effective suggestion wins a prize.

  • Genia

Sorry, Genia. I’ve been trying that for years, and if you’ve already gone through puberty, you’re pretty much stuck with just almost 5’2" forever.

But, you can take pride in 3 things:
1.) You will never be taller than your date, no matter how high your heels are.
2.) You will never be the shortest person in FIRST (unless Ashlee somehow grew, but she’s older than me).
3.) It’s really funny to watch the looks on people’s faces who have only seen you in heels when they watch you shrink before their eyes as you take the shoe off.

-Jessica “It says 5’ 3/4” on my license" Boucher

:yikes: Pessimistic are we :slight_smile:

However, there is hope. My youth group advisor grew an inch her freshman year of college. I’m sure I will get my chance. Here are some tips I’ve gotten…

  1. More and more milk
  2. Billfred promised to stretch me at Nationals
  3. Hang around people shorter than me


I wish I were shorter (or that my boyfriend were taller!!) I’m 5’4", he’s 5’7" … so I can hardly every wear heels.

Genia, I know – trade heights with me! That way I can wear my tall shoes again, and you’ll be two-and-something-inches taller! :yikes:

:stuck_out_tongue: More like realistic…when you get to be as old as me you learn that having your brother turn out to be taller than you is not that bad of a thing…especially since it doesn’t take much to pass me in height :wink:

Though hanging around people shorter than you seems to be the easiest fix, besides tall shoes.

PS - And Katie, I think the best option for you would be to have your boyfriend get taller - I’m sure you’ve invested some money into nice heels that are currently gathering dust :wink:

Style your hair in a way that makes you appear taller.
That’d almost have to be a fro or mohawk.
I’ll get back to you on this… :ahh:

Do not trust Billfred if he suggests the use of robots and ropes to stretch you.

I think you should learn to embrace your vertical limits, after-all, if you’re short, you can find more places to hide if you’re ever being chased by a homicidal maniac wielding a machete.


Genia – two suggestions (both of which I can help with…)


Two big guys:

afro lol

In medieval england there used to be a thing called a rack, which was basically 2 rollers with string on, for torturing and thus stretching people …

stretch. trust me, if you stretch alot you will gain inches, maybe not alot…but enough. i think that’s the only reason i went from 5’4 to 5’4.75 (or 5’4.5…or just 5’5…it depends…)…so stretch UP. as in, link your arms, and reach. it feels good too. =)

In my defense, I suggested neither robots nor ropes.

I suggested the bar from FIRST Frenzy. :smiley:

–Billfred, who is considering getting a ball dump to unload a bunch of something on the people who bang on his door in the middle of the night

My uncle (probably 5’5 or 6) used to hang from a bar for 15 minutes everyday. He said it would make him taller. I don’t know if it worked or not, but everyone seemed to like him so sounds like a good idea to me.

Great ideas guys! :slight_smile:

I’ll be working on that.

However, keeping in mind…

Short people are better at DDR. Our center of balance is closer to the board after all.

yes…i have NO BALANCE on ddr, i end up falling over every now and then…
so yea. but then again, i’m STILL short so…maybe it’s just me

platform shoess genia!! thats what i wear…im only like 5’2 5’3…but im 5’5 with platform shoes lol

Only problme with platform shoes or heels:

My natural grace (or lack thereof) doesn’t allow for such things…they simply leave me closer to the ground than I already would be. :frowning:

Hmm lets see I don’t have this problem but I’ll give it a try

  1. Avoid Coffee
  2. Get some Miracle grow
  3. Ask Santa Claus
  4. Hang upside down for a few hours

i dont know how to help you that much seeing as im about 6’2" but ill give it a try

maybe, you could get a segway and just use that!

I remember Titus and his hover crafts, maybe they can help lift you up, or maybe get a freshman and have then get on all fours and stand on there back.
But for someone with energy like you try jumping up and down alot when you are near people, then the last thought in there head will be how short you are. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly what I do :]

Hair down: 5’ 11"
Hair up: 6’ 2"

Maybe you should just stick to thick shoes :stuck_out_tongue: or being short.