Help getting current (off season?) roborio images or restoring old wpilib on VS Code

We have been doing some java programming classes to teach all of the students how to program the java robot. We were doing fine but today we updated wpilib and now we can no longer deploy test code to the robot due to an image version issue.

admin @ roborio-2429-FRC.local: Connected.
Reason: InvalidImageException
RoboRIO Image invalid! RoboRIO: 2019_v14, allowed: [2020_v5]

I have searched around but can’t find the newest roborio firmware posted anywhere. Can anyone tell me if I can get this firmware, and failing that, how to downgrade my wpilib on VS Code so we can still deploy to 2019_v14?

I believe the issue you have is what is described in the below linked thread. It looks like the solution is to do an install of the updated 2019 plugins.

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Thank you! I did not phrase my questions well enough to find that PSA thread when I was searching for answers.
I can confirm that setting the version in the build.gradle file to 2019.4.1 was the only thing needed to solve our problem, and I was able to redeploy to the roborio with its 2019_v14 image.
Edit: I will also try to put in the updated plugins, but I was able to get running again with just the build.gradle edit.

No worries. I happened to remember seeing the thread from last month. RSS Feeds are a marvelous thing.