Help Getting Started with VEX programming.

Hi All,
I own an early VEX kit from before they were programmable. It has been a while but I am finally to the point that I would like to try out some of the programming aspects of VEX but, frankly, I don’t know what I need to get started.

I am thinking I will want to try EasyC not because I can’t do C/MPLAB but because I was impressed with the work I saw some kids on Chief Delphi’s team did with their FIRST robot and I thought I would like to see what are the limits/capabilities of the software.

So… …what do I need and where can I get it? If software/hardware is required does anyone have a setup they are willing to part with cheap?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Joe J.

You will need a VEX programming kit. It comes with EasyC for VEX. It is available from for $99.99.

EDIT: EasyC for VEX is significantly more limited than EasyC for FRC/Easyc Pro. This applies to EasyC Pro in Vex mode also.

If you really want to test the limits of EasyC for FRC applications then you really need to use a full size robot.

EDIT again: The VEX programming kit includes a USB>serial cable, VEX programmer(hardware), programmer>VEX cable, and EasyC.

easyCPro for VEX has 100% the same feature set as for FRC.

Joe, I would recommend starting with the getting started guide in the help file. There are 12 step-by-step tutorials that should get you going programming your VEX robot. Also, we gave out one free copy of easyCPro to all the FRC teams if your team didn’t use it you can use that to program with your VEX robot.

There has to be more to the story than simply sitting down with a copy of EasyC Pro… What options have to be changed? What libraries have to be referenced? Which templates do you use? Does EasyC Pro come with a cable(s)+“dongle” that works with the Vex Microcontroller?..

Is every bit of this in those tutorials (are they Vex-oriented tutorials or generic EasyC Pro tutorials) and any other items supplied with EasyC Pro?


In easyCPro we made all the features avalible from the FRC library for Vex.
All you have to do is goto Robot controller setup and switch to VEX

Features include but are not limited to.

  • Quad Encoders
  • Gear Tooth Sensor
  • CMU Cam
  • Interrupt Watcher
  • Analog Devices Gyro 80,150,300 Deg/sec
  • Accelerometer
  • ‘C’ Syntax Editor
  • Initialize in Competion Templates
  • Ability to Name Your Ports
  • Case-Switch Commands (Though this may be added to V2 soon)

No extra programming cable is required and you wire the sensors the same as your would on the FRC robot except the camera which I have made a diagram on how to use it.

EasyC Pro does NOT include the hardware to interface with VEX. If you buy the VEX programming kit you will have everything you need to get started.

The tutorials included with the VEX programming kit are VEX oriented.

You can read the Programming section of the Inventor’s Guide here(PDF).