Help Google Label Images

Interesting game. Google looking for feedback of some sort. Have fun :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool I guess.

I was just doing that, and after a round, a friend messenged me and told me that he had just played with me.

Yeah, it’s a really fun game, and a pretty good idea

Two words: Free Labor
“We need to think of a cheaper solution to labling for google image search, any ideas?”

“I got one, let’s make it a game and have the public do it” :smiley:

Hehe, this is addicting…

Yay for a good way to waste time!

Very addicting… and bad for the eyes! Pass! Pass!

Two words: Free Labor

I can’t think of this working as Free Labor. There are certain images that this shows that would have really specific tags but only .000001% of the population would know what it is just by looking at it. I was staring at about three or four images that I had no idea what they were. Really cool pictures of massive objects. After looking at the URL (CERN) I realized that odds were likely I was staring at a particle accelerator. Thus all my guesses were way off.

The google labeler is copied from the esp game/ (liscensed legally from CMU). Another cool game from the creator of the ESP game is Peekaboom. Peekaboom is even cooler because it helps label where certain objects are in the photos.