Help Graduated FRC Students Win a Challenge


I am a veteran and current mentor of FIRST Team 3484 in Marysville, Ohio. I started the team with a few of my friends in 2011 and have been involved since, now as a mentor.

Now, as college students, we have gotten involved in SAE programs, as well as makeathons and even some amateur drone flying. Currently we are in a competition to win a 3D printer to support our hobbies, as well as to share the fun of 3D printing. Our design, which is a modified tablet holder that mounts onto a majority of RC controllers, and our team name is, “The Patel Experience”. This new product will expand the amount of devices that can fit into drone transmitters, as well as standard RC flight controllers.

In order to win, we need votes, the top team in 2 weeks will win the 3D printer. As of now, we are in 4th place, a little less than 100 votes behind the leader. Voting only takes a minute, and is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

4 days until Stronghold!