Help GUS win $5000 and shirts for our team!!

Hey everyone!

GUS Robotics has submitted a t-shirt design in customink’s New Year, New Gear t-shirt contest! It would be awesome if you guys could take the time and vote for our design! Voting is very simple and takes no time at all!

There is 1 grand prize of $5000 for our school, up to $1000 in new shirts, and a $250 American Express gift card that GUS would use for supplies this year. And seven 1st prize winners that will receive up to $1000 in new shirts for the team, and a $100 American Express gift card. As many teams are, GUS is always working extremely hard to earn the money to build our robots and compete each and every year, so this is an amazing opportunity for us and an easy and free way for you guys to help out a fellow FRC team!

The shirt is a design that is very simple, but I believe everyone involved in FIRST and FRC can relate too. So let me know what you guys think of it!

The link to vote is right here:

Thank you all for your time and I will post pictures of the actual shirt we had made by this company later tonight!

-Dave Powers

My vote is in for the day ::safety::

Thank you!

Just a little update, I just found out you are able to vote once a day, so if anyone who voted today could continue doing so that would be amazing!

Here is a couple pictures of the printed shirt!

Thank you again!

-Dave Powers

Voted! If you guys win (here’s hoping), is there anyway I could buy a shirt?

That’s wicked!!! :cool:

Thank you! I’m kinda of letting a little secret out of the bag but oh well, these shirts will hopefully be up for sale by the beginning of November!


I voted. And I want one

Voted! Awesome shirt, guys!

Thank you! Be sure to buy one when they become available!

Thank you!!!

Again, thank you everyone for voting and commenting on the shirt! Remember everyone, you can vote once a day! So keep the votes coming please! I talked to a couple mentors last night at the GUS meeting and we decided we were going to do three different color shirts to sell, but we want you guys to pick the colors! So below are a bunch of different options and feel free to make suggestions for colors. We’re willing to try everything!

Let me know what your guys favorites are!

-Dave Powers


So how about GUS colors with the orange and black, or FIRST colors with red, white, and blue???

Thank you!!!
Something these?


I 've been voting :slight_smile:

I love the the black shirt with the FIRST colors for the boxes, I can’t wait to order one!!


Thank you very much!! Tell your friends!


Those are awesome! They’ve got my vote (again)!

Thank you! Just another update. How about a tie dye shirt?! GUS is looking to do some design collaborations with some teams, mascots, anything! If you’re interested, PM on here, and we can talk!

-Dave Powers

Just a reminder that today and tomorrow are the last days to vote! So if everyone could give one last push it would be awesome! Thank you everyone for all of your help!

-Dave Powers

I NEED it to be November! I NEED one of those shirts! Will they be sold on your team website, or via an external source?

I’m now divulging a secret, but it’s worth it. We will be adding a couple pages to our website to include The GUS Store! There will be multiple items, including these shirts for the public to purchase. All of the money we earn from the store will go directly to help fund GUS. The website is being coded a little quicker than I imagined, so hopefully, if we don’t hit any snags, we may be able to get it live before November! Fingers crossed.

-Dave Powers