[Help] Hooking Up Camera and Gyro to DriverStation Dashboard

How do you make a USB camera’s feed show up on the DriverStation Dashboard on the cameras tab? And the gyroscope display is not updating either. We’re using a NavX gyroscope.

Importing CameraServer and adding this line of code to RobotInit() did nothing:


Which dashboard are you using?

This one:

That line of code should have done the trick. Did you put it in robotInit()? Just to confirm, you’re saying the camera never showed up in the camera list dropdown menu? Did the “NT Connection” light light up on the dashboard?

I don’t recommend that you use that Dashboard but if you want you can use PutNumber to place the gyro value in the Variables tab



Uh… I’ll have to check on that.

Is there a better dashboard?

There is the New Switchboard which is very nice to use. They also have the other Java Dashboard which is a blank screen but you can add everything you need to it you just won’t be able to make nice widgets.