Help how to make a forum

Hi, I’m looking for anyone who knows anything about creating forums. Essentially I’m looking for a way for people to respond to the website I’m making for the Screamin’ Eagles 1509. If anyone give me any sugestions, that’d be great.

What kind of forum are you planning on installing? If you haven’t decided yet, you may find this thread interesting.

Also, where is your team’s website? There’s no website entered in the TIMS for your team, according to FIRST.

A lot of web servers have a forum system installed and you just need to install it so check with them (…if you even have a web server). :slight_smile:

Do you have a web server (hosting account) with cPanel? If so, does it have Fantastico? If so, you are all set to easily install phpBB.

1509 is a rookie team, but what is the TIMS?

The easiest thing to do is probably instal PhpBB to run the forums. It has a lot of nifty features like skins for the board, and lots of control over permissions and such.

If your hosting has cPanel (most do) go to Fantastico > Discussion Boards and click on phpBB. Then fill in the information and it will install it for you. If your hosting plan doesn’t provide cPanel, and your thinking about changing hosting providers be sure to check out my site ( )

I strongley suggest that you contact your adult team leader about this. if they do not know what TIMS is - boy is your team in trouble! Have them contact me and I will assist them.

BTW: I am sure your adult leader knows what the TIMS system is.

you may want to try and find a copy of invision board 1.3, in my experience a very good board to start out with, excellent admin back end, easy to use features, fairly easy to mod. installation takes at the most 10 mins to install.

a couple of sites I have bulit using invision as either a back end or just a forum
(my teams new site im finishing up)

We made our boards at Proboards.


Were looking to move our board to a different place, because the head of this board is a student that is no longer participating and we think we change.

Dose anyone have a suggestion for a free or low priced messageboard system we could look into?

Of the remaining free online forums, phpBB is probably the best – right now they’re actually creating a new phpBB to compete with Invision Board and vBulletin.

Invision Board and vBulletin are also top-notch forums, but they come at a price (either you pay to register a version, or use their limited trial versions). Of course, the catch is that you need to install this on your own server. As for free forum hosting, I’ve only heard of proboards (the link you just listed) and invision free… there are many more, just do a google search for “Free Forum Hosting”

Lastly, if phpBB, Invision Board, or vBulletin don’t suit your tastes, there are other lesser known (but just as good) forums: (off the top of my mind) YaBB, XMB Forums, and wowBB.

If you’re looking for the simplest of the simple, I’m fast becoming a fan of SimpleForum ( Right now I’m using it as a temporary board for my residence hall while our regular server gets fixed. But you can also see the results at if you’d like. I had the version I’m running up in about fifteen minutes. It would’ve been five if I had remembered to upload everything to the server.