Help, i can use other ip camera


i want use another ip camera that not be Axis, but i don’t know how to do, i not see in the dashboard, this config set to the camera:

gateway: default
port: 8080
user/pasword: FRC/FRC

i changed te port in the dashboard vi. and the ip, but i could not


(sorry for the bad engish)

Welcome to Chief Delphi, fellow FIRSTer (I don’t know if I’ve got enough Karma bars to welcome someone yet :smiley: ). Apparently the FRC VIs from LabVIEW and the great majority of code for C/C++ and Jave is made specially for the Axis Cam. If you were to login to one, there’s a specific URL you must visit to check the Live Feed. Anyways, I would check the inner workings of the VI just to see where it’s getting its feed from, and attempt to modify it to your needs. Here’s the link to the tutorial on configuring the Axis IP cam, just so you can realize what I mean.

P.S. Don’t doubt to ask us in case of any questions…after all, we’re two of the only three teams from Chile :wink:

can use another camera that not be axis? i have a other ip camera, i see the livevideo in the web browser (the camera is connected to the access point) but i can not add to dashboard in labview

The FRC tools are all expecting a camera that uses the Axis protocol. I remember one year someone produced a program that could connect to other cameras and made the Dashboard happy by pretending to be an Axis camera, but I don’t know the details.

What do you want to use the camera for? If it’s just to show to the drivers and you don’t need to do any vision processing, you can probably open a browser window on the operator console and view it that way.

i want process the image and use in the code.

PD: I see the live video in the browser but i can’t see in the dashboard

It’s Roborealm.

if the camera runs linux, like the AXIS camera, ftp to it, hack into the HTTPd and create a symlink from the mjpeg stream location to [ip]/mjpg/video.mjpg.

That should do the magic!

we have a foscam ip camera, additonal information in this url , i see in the webserver, but i don’t know how to add to dahboard :frowning: :frowning: