Help! I need some iGlide i180 2.85mm Filament

I am trying my best to buy some tribo filament. I want the iGlide i180 and need 2.85 mm version. It is out of stock at the factory. They are telling me it is now a 4 week lead time from 1/18 :frowning:

Guys, I need some options. Anybody have a good sub for this? Anyone have a spool they are willing to sell me? I am open to any and all options here.

What are you trying to make? There may be alternatives depending on the application.

Are you able to use 1.75mm with your printer?

We have plans for various bearing parts that are already designed and mocked up in other materials. We would have to buy a new nozzle to use 1.75 mm. We have a Lutzbot TAZ 6.

Are you trying to make cylindrical/tubular or flat sliding surfaces? Do you have any other machining capabilities?

Perhaps an acetal sheet would work? Maybe a PTFE tape?

Airwolf may have what you need. I found this by chance after I wrote most of this up.

If you have found a source for 1.75mm, you can run it without hardware changes. I’ve run 1.75 filament through the TAZ 6 before. Iglidur is ABS-based. Have you tried ABS or PLA to see if you have acceptable results?

I have contacted Airwolf and am waiting on a reply. That is EXPENSIVE compared to the 750g spool direct from Igus. I have also asked Igus US if they have any samples they could spare. I print in PLA all the time but have not tried ABS yet. I have a new TAZ6 coming that has an enclosure that should make working with ABS easier as it helps with air currents (or so I have been told). I may just hold off and wait the 4 weeks and see if I can work with other materials for the slides until this arrives.


We appreciate it!