Help! I think we fried our OI!

Today we decided to finally wire our disable/ autonomous switch. We followed the schematic found here:

(which is where other posts had led us) and when we plugged the newly made switches in, our OI stopped working. Now, only the green power light turns on when we plug it in. I had taped all the other wires on the 15-pin cable so they would not touch, so that can’t be the reason our OI fried.

Also, I noticed after our OI stopped working that the schematic was from 2005, so that could be a possible issue.

Has this happened to anyone else? Can anything be done? Are we doomed? We’re a new team (but not a rookie) so we don’t have last year’s OI, but we do have the 2006 OI. Could we use that if our OI is completely beyond repair?

Hopefully something can be done! Thanks for your help.

The 2005 pinout is correct. You should only have 4 wires connected to the 15 pin connector. This is the same for 2006-2008.

The diagram shows the pinout from the Solder cup side. Make sure you double check the pins.

Have you set your team number yet?. Does it work when tethered to the robot controller?

If you cannot troubleshoot the error, call IFI. Perhaps an internal protection fuse was blown due to improper wiring.

I believe the 2006 OI will NOT work with the 2007/2008 radios. If you have the redios from 2006, or eariler, then you can use those for testing. The 2008 RC WILL work with the older radios.

Give IFI a call, and see what they say.

You did not say whether you disconnected the dongle and performed a power reset of the OI. Assuming you did remove the dongle and removed power for several seconds and you still have no operation, you may have indeed fried the OI. If you cannot control the robot with the tether and nothing else seems to work, a call to IFI will get you started on the road to repair. Please check through the OI Reference Guide for more information.

We did the same thing with our OI two days ago. Now only the Power On LED lights up when we plug in power. This is without anything else plugged into the OI. I believe the mistake we made was wiring the connector backwards, so when we flipped the disable switch, we shorted pins 1 and 4 instead of pins 5 and 8. 1 and 4 are not labeled on the pinout, and IFI says not to connect anything to them, so it kind of makes sense why it doesn’t work.

I called IFI on Friday, they said the processor was fried, and it would be $120 to repair it, so we sent it off on Friday. Luckily we still have last year’s OI to practice with until we get it repaired.

Yes, that’s what we did. Thanks for the help. And by the way, the radios do actually work with the 2006 OI- thank goodness. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the 2008 OI repaired.

Once again, thanks a lot,

I knew you could use the 2006 RC if you upgrade the master firmware, but I was sure I had read that the OI wasn’t compatible.

Good to know, though.