HELP I'm Losing it! aka Labview deploy vs. run

Okay everyone,

So today I had a bad day and I really need some answers, so instead of my customary comfort of bedtime Game Manual reading, I have resorted to bedtime CD Posting.

Anyway, today team 2064 finally started to program (yes, I know it’s a bit late). Anyway, Classmate was set up correctly. cRio was imaged. In short everything was connected as it should have been. So there was no hardware issue.

We used sample software, so there should have been no software issue.

My question pertains to the two accounts on the Classmate. My teamates and I were used to always clicking “run” last year, as deploying took ages. When we attempted clicking run while in the developer account, everything would be loaded properly onto the cRio, but there seemed to be a disconnect between the driver station and the robot (which were hard-wired)- specifically the stop button. The robot was in a consistent disabled state.

But upon deploying in the developer account, then logging off and going into the driver account, the robot would function perfectly.

So yes, we got our program to work, but frankly, all this switching seems a ridiculous inconvenience. I mean we could use one laptop to program, and always use the classmate for the ds, but even then we would still need to deploy. So I have come to the conclusion that there must be a quicker way to test our programs. I just don’t know what it is!

I am well aware that somewhere in the depths of the programming forum there must be an answer to this question; in fact it seems to be that type of question that close to everyone asks. Yet right now I need to do a bazillion things and I know this is a really lame excuse and I know that everyone hates repeated answers, so…

If anyone could write a really quick response or point me to the right thread I’d be a very happy programmer (an oxymoron, indeed!).

And yes I know I ramble!

ok go to the programs and the driver station that is pulled up in the drivers account will be there so you can “run” your code on the developer as well as operate it by opening this program

I’m confused (which is easy to do). Which account can access which account? Thanks for a quick reply!

You have to have the Driver Station open to enable the robot.

It sounds like what you want to do is log onto the Developer account (make sure the Driver Station is not open on the Driver account!) and open Labview and Run your code. Then open the Driver Station from the Start Menu and enable the robot.

ok their are two ways to get the code running on the robot
1.Build then run as startup (which is long and permanent meaning that you can reboot and it will still be there)
2.Run off of robot main(Faster but not permanent) and open the driver-station located in all programs from the start menu

You can open the driver station from the start menu? Does it run just like any other windows application? Or do I need to switch users?

it runs just like a regular application on windows no need to switch users open it in developer and you’re set

Is driver station located under the Labview subfolder?

Thanks all!

Here’s what we do to test.

  1. Open Developer
    2.Make sure Robot is on and connected (wired or wireless)
  2. Open your program
  3. Open robot main
  4. Click Run arrow
  5. Wait.
  6. Open Driver Station (we made a shortcut onto the desktop can be done by opening start menu finding the program holding down right click and dragging on to the desktop)
  7. 3 green lights Enable
  8. Disable
  9. Stop Robot Main
  10. Edit code
  11. Start from step 4 and repeat

We do these two steps a lot :] ! Thanks- you left out the pulling-out-your-hair-when-you-don’t-know-what’s-wrong part, though :yikes: . That step is critical!

How would I go about ruining it as a startup?

While you’re in the project explorer (the small window that shows all of your vi s), click the + next to build specifications, then right click on FRC boot-up Development and click build. When it’s done building, right click on it again and select run as startup. (You might have to reboot the robot here, I forget.) Then open up the driver account, and you should get the robot code light green a few seconds after communications.