Help in Autonomous Coding

Guys, I’ve been trying programming Auto using Robot Drive blocks this time. I referenced the motors in and put the same name reference in Auto, our robot not move, besides the Auto being turned on. The only thing that happens is your pneumatic system being turned on, however, it does not make any of the movements as we programmed. Do you have any tips to fix it or tutorials which can be helpful?

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From your description it sounds like the “Your Turn” case is not getting called.

  • Are you selecting “Your Turn” from the Dashboard, before enabling Auto mode on the Driver Station?
  • It might be a typo in how you added the name to the Auto List in

I suggest running this in Debug (the white arrow in Robot and turning on Highlight Execution (the light bulb at the top) in the Autonomous block diagram.

That will let you see what is getting executed and how.

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That might be it. We will see. Thanks!

also, only open and define motors (or anything) in BEGIN… when you want to control a motor or interrogate a sensor, use the GetRef function and the Refname (the name you gave it in the Begin) and use those to “fill” the wire values of the things to the left of the flat sequence frames…
I can’t tell if you are feeding a value to the Y-axis input of the ARCADE function…that will move the motors forward/backward… -1 might equal forward…

that should give you a start