HELP, In need of Tetras for Presentation!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I’m a student at Provine High School of Jackson, MS. At Provine I am a member of my school Robotics Team. Our team # is 462 and we need your help. We are going to North Carolina to do a robotics presentation. We were wondering if any one had any extra tetras that they could let us use for the presentation. If you do have any tetras we would need them by July 15. Please contact me if you do.

For the JPL open house recently, I believe FIRST provided pallets of official tetras. Maybe you can contact them.

I think if you want to borrow something from FIRST your probably going to hafta pick it up i know you hafta pick up the feilds maybe tetras are a different story but id plan on having to go pick them up from FIRST

Are you guys still looking for some tetras? We have a few over here in Vicksburg that you are welcome to if you still need them. I think we made 4 of the goal tetras and 5 or 6 of the scoring tetras but I think a couple of them might be broken but could be fixed. They are just plane old white PVC not painted blue or red and we didn’t make a vision tetra. I don’t even think we glued the caps on so they should all be pretty easy to take apart and pack up if you are going on a road trip. We cut the clovers out on a water jet machine so the end connections are great. Let me know if you still need them or there is anything else we can help you guys out with. I hated it that we didn’t get to compete together this year. Our team didn’t make it to the National Competition this year but my wife and I drove over to Atlanta ourselves just to check out all the action. We stopped by your pit and loved your bot. Really cool table top and scissor jack idea. BTW: What’s up in North Carolina?

Yes, we are still in need of tetras how would we be able to get them from you all.

I think Whelr might have some for you guys to use. We are like 20 minutes from Peachtree. It might not be on the way, but if we mail thm to you now, I don’t know if they would get there on time. PM me if you are thinking of stopping by to pick some up on your way.

I just went to the practice field (what’s left of it) and picked up all the tetra parts. They were in worse shape that I remembered but I think all the PVC pipe, end caps, t-nuts, and bolts are there for about 5 goals and 5 scoring tetras. If you need more scoring tetras and less goals you can just cut the PVC as needed. A bunch of the clovers we cut seem to have broken at the bend. All we had to cut them from was 1/4" Delrin and I guess Delrin doesn’t like to be bent under that much stress and left in a hot hangar to bake. But fear not, I have a box of clovers left over that we cut but didn’t use so hopefully you will have enough parts to make 6 or 8 (maybe 10) good tetras. I have all the parts loaded in my Brother-In-Law’s truck and he will be heading to Jackson with them. He lives in Jackson but works in Vicksburg so he will have them there later tonight. PM me with your contact info (phone # and/or email) and I will forward to him. You two can work out how to best get them to you. He could meet you at Provine or you could pick up the tetras at his house in West Jackson. If that doesn’t work let me know and we can work something else out.