Help In programing the intake in autonomous in labview

Hello can someone help me program the intake in autonomous in labview I have a code for it is here can anyone tells me what I did wrong here because my robot will move forward but the intake would not work so can anyone help me thank you.

The Safety config enabled will cause the Motor Set Output to cut out after 100ms.
Try it Disabled to see if it works a bit better.

Okay but does the good because when I depolyed the code it move forward for a second and then made a small little turn and didn’t shoot out the ball at all so can you tell me does this code looks good and if it don’t then how can I fix it.

You also have 0 connected to a wrong node on the Motors Set Output.
That’s where the red dot is.
It should just connect to the Output node.

It looks good.

  • Drive for 1 second (if you want to drive for 10 seconds change the 1000 to 10000)
  • Stop the drive, Spin the Intake for 10 seconds
  • Stop the Intake

So all I need to do is change the safty config to disable and change the 0 connected to a wrong node on the Motors Set Output to connect to the right one and it should work.

It should work.

Okay thank you

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