Help in Vex VR

Can anyone help me figure out how to use the down eye sensor in vex for castle crashers.


I have very little hands on experience with the specific product, but have used similar things in the past.

I’m assuming this is roughly what you’re working on?

Here’s one possible source of info to start with. Not sure if this matches your programming language assumptions, but it goes through some basics .

From there, a few followups to dig deeper:

Can you describe what you’re attempting to make your robot do?
During that operation, what information are you looking to get from the sensor?
Once you have gathered the information from the sensor, how are you going to use it?

It’s ok if the answer to any of these is “I’m not sure” - I’m looking to figure out which step in the process is currently your hang-up.

FYI, you may have better luck asking this question on the official VEX Forum.