Help Indiana's First All Female FRC Team

Hello, I am part of the Indiana District’s first all female FRC team, team 8232, Girl Gang. We are currently raising funds so we can get the equipment needed and money for registration fees. We have created a GoFundMe page and would appreciate any donations of any amount. Thank you!

GoFundMe website:


Hi Sarah!

Welcome to your new team! While Chief Delphi is a great resource, it typically won’t be very fruitful for GoFundMe campaigns, as we are all usually tight on funds.

Are you currently being mentored by a veteran team? Anyone local who can help out with parts? I’ve heard there’s some changes going on with 1747 (and I see from your prior posts you’re an alum) but they should still be a good resource as well as 461.

Are you familiarized with the FRC voucher systems available through your team’s TIMS account and also FIRST Choice - a lottery system for obtaining parts.

Best of luck! I’ve run an all girls team myself, so feel free to reach out for advice.


Thank you for the advice! I know that this is not the best place to put a fundraiser, but I am trying to get the word out in any way possible. I will definitely have to look into the voucher system too. We appreciate your willingness to help!

I’m thrilled at a new all girls team in Indiana. We don’t have any cash to spread around but we do have a bunch of stuff if you need anything.

BTW there was at least one all-girls in Indiana before. I don’t remember the team number but I believe they started at IUPUI and moved to Tech High School in Indy.

Yep—2360, Power Storm. I know at one point they switched to co-ed, not sure if that was before or after Indiana went district

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