Help installing 3dsmax

I wasn’t sure if this is necessarily out of topic here and should be in the animation forum, move it if you please.

I’m trying to install 3dsmax 4.2 on our teams new PIIIm 1.13 Ghz Dell notebook w/Win XP. When I install the software and then restart the computer and try to open it I get some kind of licensing error… now I can’t even get to the authorization screen or anything… It tells me to restart my system so it can reinitialize the licensing or something. Well, that doesn’t work. I’ve even tried reinstalling 3dsmax. Does anybody know what I should do? Inventor 5 works perfectly!

and install that program. It is the new copy of there licensing software and the previous version wouldnt work with xp.

Thanks a lot, got it all working now :slight_smile: