Help Installing Encoders!

Hello! We have already finished building the AM14U Drive System included in the KOP with the mini toughboxes. We’re thinking of using encoders (we’ve already used them last year), but we don’t know how to attach them to the mini toughboxes this year. If someone could please help us, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m not positive, but from looking at the AM site, it looks like there’s an output shaft on the black plastic side of the toughbox mini, that is meant to have a US Digital E4P encoder mounted to it.

I can’t tell for sure from the pictures, but it looks like there may be screw holes in the plastic of the toughbox mini for the encoder to be mounted to.

This method of mountign seems to be consistent with how it’s done on the CIMple box from AM.

Also from lookign at assembly images, it looks like the encoder output shaft is actually the back end of the output shaft of the gearbox itself. So that should help you locate it, and it also means that your encoder to gearbox output ratio is 1:1.

otherguy is correct - the small output shaft on the back is where you mount the encoder. The encoder then sits between and slightly below the CIM motors (which makes it a little difficult to access, IMO).

Simply screw the board and base in place, slide the disc on with the spacer tool, and pop on the cap. Very simple, nothing else is needed (some other gear boxes require an additional plate to mount the base and plate too, thus the encoder mount pad AndyMark sells. Not required here).

Got it! Thanks a lot!

The AndyMark catalog says that you can mount an encoder to the mini toughbox. You can find it here…

Since you used it last year I assume you know how to wire it up and program it? If not, PM me and I’ll be glad to help.


Be very careful to keep the disc clean. Even oil from you fingers can cause the encoder to give bad readings. Also, once the disc is on, it is very difficult to remove.