HELP... installing Java 8 on the roboRIO

My team recieved a new roboRIO for a practice bot a few weeks ago, and since we have been installing and imaging and etc… Though for the past few days we have been stuck on installing java to the roboRIO. We have followed the steps using the installer located in:C:\Users*ward\wpilib ools but once it starts it gets to what we believe is the last step: It says: “tarring created JRE” and then the installer freezes. Any ideas. We have followed the screensteps here: as closely as we can. Please help…

Do you really have an asterisk in the path name? I didn’t think that was possible.

The latest JVM is the wrong one. Screen steps should have the procedure to find the right file. There was some CD threads in mid Jan about this. You will have to search for them.

Last I checked, you can get asterisks in filenames, but they’re an enormous pain to deal with in the shell.

That shows an error message that is different than what the OP is reporting.

I agree with Alan on the asterisk in the User name. If that is really there, a different user/PC would be my first troubleshooting step.

The “*” is there to block the first name

Where would I find this newer version of Oracle? We looked on the Oracle website but could not seem to find ourselves the download. Anyone know?