HELP integrating Jaci's PathWeaver in Java

I’m the head programmer of my team. In this offseason we are aiming to integrate Jaci’s Pathweaver softwarre to our robot. We already follow all the WPI Library but the code throws an error.

    Trajectory left_trajectory = PathfinderFRC.getTrajectory("cargo.left");
    Trajectory right_trajectory = Pathfinder.readFromCSV(leftFile);

In both cases the error is the same “Unhandled exception type IOExceptionJava(16777384)”. The cvs file is located in the a folder called paths in the deploy folder.

“Unhandled exception type IOExceptionJava” usually means it can’t find the file. When you are entering the trajectory name, you need to use the full path to the file and not just the name, so “cargo.left” becomes “/home/lvuser/deploy/cargo.left”.

Is it a runtime error or a compile time error?